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A while back, a very colorful argument arose on Twitter NG on the topic of the gender disparity of women in tech especially in Nigeria. While I disagreed with the notion that women were actively or passively discouraged from displaying and pursing an interest in the tech field, especially in our times, I however alluded to the fact that there are certain entry level hurdles that some might have to face at the beginning of their careers.

More recently, a certain bank posted a hiring drive directed at women for the International Women’s Day month. They announced that the drive…

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For the longest time, I swore (well swore is a strong word 😬), more like promised, not to write a year-in-review article for myself because I felt that my years haven’t been review worthy. However, this is the end of a decade and the beginning of a new dawn for me. The various things that happened to me this year set the tone for that for me. Therefore, here I am documenting it for posterity sake. So without further ado, here are highlights of the year 2020 for me:

New Job, Who Dis?

Technically, I got it in November 2019. My first dev job…

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It is with mixed feelings I write to tell you about the end of cohort session happening later on today that signals the end of this journey. It has been a fully engaging 16 weeks of activity and work which kind of explains my absence from here for a month. From the classroom training, to the soft skill sessions, to the projects I had to work on during the course of this program, everything has been nothing short of amazing.

As we draw to a close of the program, I’d like to give highlights of what I have been up…

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The LEAP program is one which aims to produce well rounded individuals able to become leaders in the field of technology not just improve their software development skills. It is for this reason that every two weeks, on a Friday, we meet up at the Microsoft office for soft skill training sessions which have been quite interesting and eye opening. In the last month, we have covered soft skills such as communication, brand building and being intentional about it as well as appropriate business ethics in the work place.

I’ll be dropping some of the insights I have picked from…

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As with all good things, the classroom training had to come to an end. The brief but power and knowledge packed 4-week stint eventually came to a halt about 3 weeks ago after which we were released into the field to use what we have learned so far. Monday the 10th of February marked the beginning of that new phase in this journey.

Meeting up with the team and getting to learn about some of the interesting projects they’re working on got me tingling with excitement about the prospects to grow and opportunities to apply what I’ve been able to…

Hi everyone. If you are connected with me on LinkedIn you’d probably have noticed a change in my new headline. Well yes, I got into the Microsoft LEAP program. Yay me!! Over the course of the 16 weeks, I’ll be dropping updates on my journey as I undergo the program. But for now, here’s an introduction to how it all began.

My story is probably a lot more different (and probably boring) from those you’ll see from my colleagues because I have have a technical background. There were no dramatic career changes or real time revelations about going into the…

Medium Posts Widget

Hi everyone 😀! In this article, I concluded by saying that I had to create a build for the widget so that I can embed it the static files anywhere and I was going to discuss how I did it in the next article being this one. Before I proceed though, I recalled that there is something missing from the previous article. If you have been following through up to the point at which I stopped and ran npm start, you’ll notice that the arrow buttons of the widget do not work as they should. It is missing something. …

Github Page Articles Section With Embedly


I was recently working on revamping my user Github page and I was looking for a way to embed some of my web development and JavaScript projects medium posts on it. I initially settled for creating an embedly embed using their website and including the generated code in my html file but I didn’t really like how it turned out especially as it came with watermarks since it was a free embed (see image above).

So I had to continue looking for other options. While on my search I discovered two blog posts by Chris John of Retainable and Dana…

I started the first part of this article here. This is a continuation where I explain how I displayed both my dataframes and the plots in a web page using Flask — a web application framework for Python.

First, I had to install flask. I make sure my virtual environment within my folder is still activated. Then I installed Flask — pip install flask. In a new file I called, I will add the following code to import the necessary libraries and create the application object.

from io import BytesIO
from flask import Flask, render_template, send_file, make_response
from matplotlib.backends.backend_agg import FigureCanvasAgg…

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The last time I wrote an article about building a quote tweeting bot, I mentioned that if I did something more with the twitter API and data, I would be writing about it which is exactly what I am doing in this article.

So I recently finished an introductory course in scientific computing and python for data science. I wanted to try out some of the things I had learnt on data I curated myself so I decided to do exactly just that using the twitter API and Tweepy to stream the data. After collecting a collection of raw tweet…

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